RIDs: Registration by Examination

Beginning January 1, 2018, all new applicants applying for registration in Texas must have met all of the requirements to sit for and have passed the NCIDQ exam through CIDQ. See Rule 5.31 and 5.33 to review the requirements and application procedures for registration by examination.

Once you have passed all 3 sections of the NCIDQ exam, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a TBAE online account/record and pay the $100.00 application fee.
  2. Submit your CIDQ experience forms, college transcript, letter of approval from CIDQ to sit for the exam, and passing exam scores. Submitting your CIDQ Certificate, if you have one, is optional.
  3. Provide TBAE your Proof of Legal Status.
  4. All new applicants are required to complete a criminal history check prior to registration. Click here for more information and instructions regarding how to complete the criminal history check.

TBAE will send you confirmation when you have been approved for Registration.

For all Texas applicant questions, e-mail TBAE at exams@tbae.texas.gov or call us at 512-305-8527.

To contact CIDQ, e-mail questions to inquiries@cidq.org or call 1-202-721-0220

If you applied as an exam applicant prior to January 1, 2018, you will continue to proceed under the rules that were in effect at the time of your application. Contact TBAE if you have questions regarding your TBAE status.

Pre-2018 Use this checklist to help you navigate the steps toward registration in Texas