Employment Opportunities at TBAE

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Important information

  1. You must apply using the state of Texas’s job application system. Please go to the CAPPS Career Center.
  2. Resumes, cover letters, and other documents are accepted only with an application. You can attach documents to your online application.
  3. We will contact you only if you are asked for an interview.
  4. If you are asked for an interview, you might need to complete a skills test.
  5. We will accept applications sent before midnight on the application deadline.
  6. Positions with an application deadline of “Until Filled” will be closed at the TBAE’s discretion.
  7. Information you provide might be considered public record and subject to the Texas Public Information Act.
  8. We use E-Verify to confirm applicants are authorized to work.

Employment Preference

1. Selective Service

If you are a male 18 to 25 years of age, an offer of employment is contingent upon you presenting proof when you report for your first day of employment that you are registered with the Selective Service System or that you are exempt from registration. (TX. Gov’t Code, §651.005). online registration and proof of registration is available on the Selective Service Website.

2. Veterans Preference

In order to receive a veteran’s preference for any position, the following documents are required, as applicable:

  1. A copy of form DD-214, member #4
  2. A statement of compensation from the Veteran’s Administration or
  3. A copy of form DD-1300

For veteran’s preference information, contact TBAE’s Veteran’s Liaison at 512-305-8548.

An individual who qualifies for a veteran’s employment preference is entitled to a preference in employment with a state agency over other applicants for the same position who do not have a greater qualification. (TX. Gov’t Code §656.003.)

An individual who was under the permanent managing conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services on the day preceding the individual’s 18th birthday is entitled to a preference in employment with the state agency over other applicants for the same position who do not have a greater qualification. (TX. Gov’t Code §672.002.)

Criminal background checks will be conducted on all final candidates. An applicant who has been convicted of a criminal offense relevant to the position may be disqualified from employment.

“At-Will” Employment All TBAE employee serve “at-will” and are not employed for any specific length of time.

Equal employment opportunity TBAE does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or in the provision of services. Reasonable accommodation will be made for persons with disabilities during the application process or at the time of employment. TBAE IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Applicant should communicate requests for disability-related accommodations to Human Resources at 512-305-8525. Hearing impaired individuals may contact our office via Relay Teas at 1-800-735-2989(TTY/TDD).

For more information contact: HumanResources@tbae.texas.gov or call 512-305-8525.

How to Apply

1. Applications may be Filed Online

A complete job description and requirements are available at: CAPPS Recruit to register and create a profile, or login and access your existing profile.
A complete job description and other job requirements are available on this site.

2. Alternate Methods of Applying

Send completed State of Texas Application for Employment application, supplemental questions/forms via email to HumanResources@tbae.texas.gov, regular mail to Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, PO Box 12337, Austin, Texas 78711-2337, or deliver in person to the Centennial Towers, 505 E. Huntland Drive, Suite 350, Austin, Texas 78752.

3. Instructions for Completing the State of Texas Application for Employment

These Instructions Must Be Followed Exactly

    • Be sure to sign and date when completed.
      Do not leave questions blank.
      If questions are not applicable, enter “N/A.”
      Fill out application form completely.
      Print in black ink or type.

Review the Job Posting Before Starting on Your Application

Be careful to note any education, certificates, licenses, training, or specific experience required for individual positions. Applications should normally be tailored to each specific job posting so that the applicant can emphasize work experience most relevant to that position.

The information included in the employment history section of the application will be the official record of your employment experience. It must accurately reflect all significant duties performed.

Screening for work experience is based on the information listed in the employment history section. Applicants must demonstrate in the application how they meet the minimum education and experience requirements as stated in the job posting. No assumptions will be made.

Be specific and detailed when providing information in the employment history section. Failure to list specific examples of work duties in all areas of qualifications, knowledge, skills, and abilities listed in the job posting may result in the applicant being considered unqualified and/or not being granted an interview.

An Application Is Needed For Each Position Applied For

You may make copies of this application and enter different position titles, but each copy must have an original signature and the correct job posting number. Résumés are not accepted in place of applications. Unless specifically stated in the job posting, résumés are not accepted at most state agencies.

Include All Employment

Begin with your current or last position and work back to your first. Employment history should be included for each position held, even those with the same employer. List each position separately and indicate duties and complete dates for each position held.

Summaries of experience should clearly describe your work experience/duties that meets each qualification listed in the job posting. Give a brief summary of the technical and managerial responsibilities (if applicable) of each position you have held.

If you need additional space to adequately describe your employment history, you may use an employment history continuation sheet or attach a typed employment history providing the same information in the same format as the application form.

Copies of college transcripts, certifications and/or licenses must be attached to the application, if specified in the job posting. Applications which do not include required attachments will not be considered.

Look carefully at the closing date in the job posting. Make sure the application and all necessary attachments arrive at the appropriate agency by the closing date to ensure consideration.

The State of Texas is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act , the State of Texas will provide during the employment process any necessary reasonable accommodations needed because of a disability.