Continuing Education (CE) for TBAE Registrants

All registrants are required to meet and report compliance with continuing education requirements.

  • When you pay your renewal fee you will be confirming that you completed your continuing education for the most recent complete calendar year.
  • If you have NOT completed the CE, you may not renew until the requirement has been met.  See Important and helpful rule update below. 
  • If you answer the compliance question falsely, you may be subject to an administrative penalty.

Important and helpful CE rule update


In February of 2021, the Board amended its Continuing Education (CE) rules.  Of the changes made, one of the most helpful is a solution for when you realize you lack some number of CE hours for the previous calendar year.  If that describes your situation, simply follow these steps before renewing:  

  1. Do NOT renew your registration until you are compliant with CE requirements, as follows.  
  2. Complete qualifying CE credits to cover any deficiency for the previous calendar year. 
  3. IN ADDITION to covering the deficiency for the previous calendar year, complete the full 12-hour requirement for the current calendar year.  Your total for the current and past calendar year now should be 24 CE hours.  
  4. Renew your registration and safely certify that you have completed the required hours. 


Please visit our FAQ page for further details.
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