General Information Regarding Complaints

If you have knowledge of actions taken by a design professional which have compromised the health, welfare or safety of a built environment, you have some options for addressing the situation.  First, discuss the situation and see if you can work things out amicably.  Second, review the written contract and address your concerns with the other parties verbally or in writing based on the terms of the contract.  Oftentimes disputes arise due to a simple misunderstanding and may be easily resolved through discussion.

It is recommended that you consider any civil remedies that may be available to you to address any matters regarding financial damages.  There are multiple resources available for consumer protection (i.e., Better Business BureauOffice of the Attorney General) which are helpful in addressing concerns with any service you may buy.  In addition to these remedies, consider filing a complaint with TBAE if you have reason to believe that laws governing architects, landscape architects, and registered interior designers may have been violated.  TBAE’s involvement will be limited to violations related to the practice of architecture, landscape architecture and interior design.

TBAE’s Jurisdiction

The Legislature has defined only certain events as violations over which the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners has jurisdiction. These events are contained in the laws regulating the practice of architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.  Please visit the Rules & Statutes section of our website if you have questions about whether a potential complaint is within TBAE’s jurisdiction.  Also, please check the [license status] (link to registrant search) to ensure that design professional is licensed with TBAE.  If they are not registered with TBAE, they may be in violation of title or practice laws by representing themselves as an “architect”, “landscape architect”, and/or a “registered interior designer.”

You may email or call (512) 305-8530 to speak with someone in our Investigations Division for more information on TBAE’s jurisdiction, for questions about title/practice laws, and to check the status of a license.  Also, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on filing complaints.

You may print a complaint form (PDF Form or Word doc) and mail or email it to TBAE.