Architectural Registration by Reciprocal Transfer

Please refer to Texas Occupations Code Sec. 1051.305 and Rule 1.22 and Rule 1.23 to review the requirements and application procedures for architectural registration by reciprocal transfer. A registrant for reciprocal registration must have completed an education program substantially equivalent to a NAAB-accredited professional degree in architecture, as well as completed experience and examination requirements, in order to qualify for licensure. Alternatively, an applicant may show eligibility for registration through NCARB certification. If you have any questions prior to submitting an application, please contact our registration department at the email address provided below.

(if you are a military veteran, please call 512-305-8527 prior to applying.)

Application Process
  1. Apply and pay the fee online, create an account and provide the requested information.
  2. Provide TBAE your Proof of Legal Status.
  3. Fingerprints: New applicants must complete a mandatory background check. See procedures here.

You must support your reciprocal application to Texas by one of the two methods listed below. If you have your NCARB record transmitted to TBAE, it is not necessary to follow the Direct Application mentioned below.

Option 1: Direct Method (without an NCARB transmittal), the following items are needed:

  • Certificate of Standing. (Licensure Verification and Exam History) sent directly from your State Licensing Board. Individuals holding active certificates of registration in other jurisdictions applying for registration in Texas by reciprocal transfer shall be considered upon submittal of the application and a Certificate of Standing.
  • A Certified College Transcript from a NAAB accredited or substantially equivalent program (see rules). Secured, E-mailed transcripts from your college are acceptable.

Option 2: NCARB Certificate or Council Record:

  • Individuals holding certificates of registration in other jurisdictions applying for registration in Texas by reciprocal transfer shall be considered upon transmittal of their NCARB record. All arrangements for development of the NCARB record will be the responsibility of the applicant. You may contact NCARB in Washington DC at (202)783-6500. Visit the NCARB Web site to request transmittal of your NCARB record to Texas.


The current application fee for registration by reciprocity is $150.00

If you submit your NCARB record to support your reciprocal registration, you will be contacted by TBAE when your record is received. At that time, TBAE will verify payment of the application fee.

Once Tentatively Approved, and you agree to work by all Texas Statutes, you will be asked to pay the Initial Registration Fee of $200.00. This fee is due only after you have been tentatively approved for registration. Please do not send this fee until you receive the tentative approval letter, and have completed the fingerprint requirement. 

Contact: Registration Records Coordinator (