How to Apply for a TBAE Registration

While much of TBAE’s staff continues to work from home, please submit supporting documents via e-mail

If you are not currently registered to practice architecture, interior design, or landscape architecture in the state of Texas, there are a number of ways in which to do so. Businesses that offer architecture, interior design, or landscape architecture services in the state of Texas are required to be registered with TBAE.

If you are Active duty Military or a Veteran, please contact us before continuing.

A note about criminal backgrounds for aspiring TBAE registrants.

Registration by Examination is the primary way in which all professionals are registered. Please click through to your chosen profession (from links in menu at left) to find out more about accredited schools, experience, and national examinations.

Registration by Reciprocity is how licensed professionals registered in other states can become registered in the state of Texas. Click the link for your profession on the menu to the left to learn more

Business Registration is how a business can register with TBAE

Accredited Education will link you to the schools which are recognized by the national boards and the state of Texas for receiving an accredited degree in your chosen profession.

Reinstatement gives information on the limited circumstances where a registration can be reinstated. Click the link for your profession to learn more.